Many screencaps from Obsession 

(with Look At His Butt!™ commentary)

(NB: Click on any of the caps to get a larger version for more intense Shatner-EVE effect.)

This is the very first scene of the ep. Look at that! It's got its own spotlight.

He's certainly a happy captain.

The EVE makes its grand entrance on the bridge.

This isn't just a phaser in his pocket - it's a phaser rifle.

On his bed. Sigh. (Note box of sex toys in the corner.) Swoon.

Interesting decor, no? The skull is Finnegan's, after Kirk killed and ate him. Kirk is getting ready to use the Post-Its by his right hand, and later on he'll smoke that cigarillo on the back of the desk. Also check out his CD collection in the corner.

And there it is! Notice Uhura looking at his face, so she won't get her eye poked out.

How can he walk with that in his pants? Look at all the trouser crease it's causing!

I know this one is in the animation, but I couldn't resist putting it in again. Don't you just want to reach into the screen and give it a big squeeze?

Uhura is so checking out his butt. if you look closely, you can see double panty lines, and a little bit of wedgie. We are nothing if not observant.